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MTS & Constructive Possession

We'll challenge the sufficiency of evidence or motion to get it suppressed

Motion to Suppress & Constructive Possession

Motion to Suppress

To win a motion to suppress physical evidence, you must demonstrate to the court that the manner in which the police obtained the evidence (i.e., a weapon or narcotics) was by violating your rights under the Pennsylvania or Federal constitution. If successful, the evidence is excluded at trial.

Sufficiency of Evidence

If the evidence is otherwise admissible, you must analyze the facts to see if the Commonwealth or United States Government can prove you actually possessed the item. This is generally referred to as a challenge to the sufficiency of the evidence. If the police wish to attribute an illegal item to you that was not recovered from your person (i.e., nearby car or home), hire the experience needed to challenge whether you constructively possessed the weapon.

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