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Getting ahead of the matter is important for criminal defense and personal injury cases

Starting the proper investigation early leads to the most favorable results

The Law Office of Andrew G. Gay, Jr., LLC emphasizes the early investigation of criminal investigations and civil claims. Our experience in the legal system for more than fifteen years confirms that the up-front work of identifying, interviewing and maintaining contact with witnesses throughout the litigation process produces more favorable, accurate and informed results. Our firm has access to several private investigators and investigative firms to suit the needs of your particular case.

Regardless of whether you are dealing with a criminal defense matter, or have been injured, our office will promptly conduct the proper investigation so we may provide you with the most accurate assessment of your case.

Mr. Gay investigated everything I ask him to investigate, and was ahead of me on most of those requests. What Mr. Gay accomplished in one minute could have been done seven years ago with my other attorneys.
— T.J., West Philadelphia


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