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Criminal Defense Lawyer Andrew Gay Jr. has received 80+ Five-Star reviews on Google.

"When you hire Andrew, he is your suit of armor. Some words to define him are: humble, the pit bull in court, professional person."

I was accused of a serious sexual offense about 2 1/2 years ago.  I had hired a local so-called criminal defense lawyer that was a fast talker.  This person was not prepared, and did not do any preparation for my case.  He was all about the money, and took advantage of my family and me.  I did not know what to do in this legal matter, I thought he was the one, but he was not.

With my girlfriend's assistance, we found Andrew Gay Jr. through the Internet.  At that time, I was at the end of the rope. Andrew called me back and asked when I could meet with him to discuss my situation.  During our first meeting we discussed my serious legal matters, I learned I was facing a minimum of 5 to 10 years in prison for something I did not do.  After we met with Andrew G. Gay, Jr., he explained things to me in a way I could understand.  He made me feel at ease.  I hired him to represent me.

I chose to have a judge trial, instead of a jury, which was recommended my Mr. Gay.  I listened to him, and followed his lead. My trial was in March 2010.  On that day, all I had on my side helping me was God, Andrew, Family and Facts.  With my lawyer’s expertise and knowledge, I was found NOT GUILTY!

The Law Office of Andrew G. Gay, Jr. was God-sent.  For those of you in similar situations, you do have a fighting chance in the court of law.  When you hire Andrew, he is your suit of armor.  Some words to define him are: humble, the pit bull in court, professional person.  Andrew is a lawyer, a friend, not about Mr. Green.  You know that you have something special when you hire him.  I am blessed to have met an excellent lawyer.  I don't hesitate to give his name to anyone who is in need of an excellent lawyer.  He gave me back my freedom, and now I can live my life as a free man.  Thank you for believing in me, The Law Office of Andrew G.Gay, Jr. is a 5 star law firm. P.S.  He is all that in court!

– D.G., Fairmont, Philadelphia