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Criminal Defense Lawyer Andrew Gay Jr. has received 80+ Five-Star reviews on Google.

"Very confidant, very determined, and outstanding results!"

While browsing the Internet today, I came across this page of testimonials from clients of Andrew Gay, Jr., and just had to share my experience with him.

 Last year, I was arrested and charged with a narcotics-related offense.  A friend recommended Andrew Gay, Jr., as I was in need of a good attorney.  I won’t get into the details of my case, but I will tell you that, if convicted, I was looking at some possible jail time, and it was pretty much my word against the word of a police officer.  Who do you think the Judge would believe?  I was worried about what could happen at trial, but thanks to Andrew Gay, Jr., the case never even made it past the preliminary hearing.

Mr. Gay possesses many good qualities that set him apart from the crowd in his business.  The thing I liked most about Andrew Gay Jr. is that he is very thorough and well prepared before walking into the courtroom.  This definitely impressed me from the beginning to the end.  Very confidant, very determined, and outstanding results! 

– A.P., South Philadelphia