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"The case never made it to trial, and it will be erased from her record"

There are not sufficient words to describe the actions Andrew Gay, Jr. took to help my girlfriend.  She was facing gun charges.  I had contacted several Attorneys about the matter.  One of them I hired was ignorant about the matter.  I made two phones calls to him in two days, because I had questions.  None of the calls where longer then two minutes, and he literally asked me, ‘why am I calling him so much’.  You would think someone you are paying money to would not talk to his or her client that way.  Luckily, I had not yet signed anything with this attorney.  That same day, an attorney friend referred me to Andrew Gay, Jr.  Our first conversation was way different then the other attorneys.  He was very professional, and very easy to talk to.  One thing about Andrew is that he is very calm, but trust me, he is great at what he does.  I was certain I had hired a great attorney.  After the preliminary hearing, he showed us that he had everything under control.  We where both very nervous, but with Andrew, all the butterflies in your stomach will go away.  The case never made it to trial, and it will be erased from her record. Sweat right?

– Y.T., Northeast Philadelphia, PA