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"I will always be indebted to Andy for giving me my life back!"

I am a college student and was arrested for under-aged drinking, drunkenness, and possession of a fake ID.  This had been my second arrest for under-aged drinking.  Some of my friends had warned me that their lawyers weren’t able to get any leniency in sentencing with even one underage offense.  So I was scared andknew thatI was in seriouslegal trouble.  I was fortunate to have found Attorney Andy Gay, Jr.  He arranged an appointment quickly, was thorough, and so easy to talk to.  It’s apparent how much he cares about his clients.  He is an amazing attorney, and his legal strategy saved my future.  I had an internship that required transportation, and he worked hard behind the scenes with the police department prior to the trial to reduce the charges.  I only had to pay a fine.  Being able to keep my car saved my internship and future career.  I will always be indebted to Andy for giving me my life back!

– Anonymous, Philadelphia, PA