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"I started to wonder if any attorney actually cared about their clients, or just their fees. Then we met Andrew Gay, Jr. Within five minutes, I knew he was our attorney."

My son was charged with possession of a controlled substance with the intent to distribute, and possession of a firearm.  He was caught with marked money on him as a result of a week long stakeout by the Philadelphia Police.  If convicted, he faced a minimum five-year sentence.  Not immediately known to us, but the Federal Government was also looking at the case.  Having heard these serious charges, I began looking for representation for my son.  After looking on the Internet and interviewing a few attorneys over the phone, I started to wonder if any attorney actually cared about their clients, or just their fees.  Then we met Andrew Gay, Jr.  Within five minutes, I knew he was our attorney.  What stood out the most was he had the heart of a teacher, and really wanted you to understand your case.  He was also very patient with us, even when we wanted to go over the same conversation several times.

In addition to his attitude toward us, Andrew is very familiar with the system and all the different players in the game.  I had the confidence that he was well liked, respected and had a lot of courtroom experience.  I felt that his fees were in line with what he was offering.  I’m sure there are less expensive lawyers, but you must ask yourself, “Are you getting the best lawyer possible for your situation?”  Having said all of that, like most, we still wanted a favorable outcome. Although the chips looked to be very much stacked against us, Andrew never gave up and fought extremely hard.  In the end, we were able to get probation, with some conditions, but most of all my son has been given a second chance.  His record will be erased after he completes the probation.  We thank you again from the bottom of our heart.  You can’t go wrong with Andrew Gay, Jr.

– R.D., Philadelphia