Andrew Gay Jr. | Philadelphia Criminal Defense Lawyer


Criminal Defense Lawyer Andrew Gay Jr. has received 80+ Five-Star reviews on Google.

"He gave me back my freedom, but most important, proved I was innocent. I have my life back."

Andrew Gay, Jr. represented me with a very serious case.  My life, and the future of my family, were all in his hands.  When I met with Andy, as we spoke often concerning the case, he gave me his individual attention to hear out my case, and gather all the information he needed to prove my innocence.  He immediately began working with my case and kept me and my family informed.

When I was incarcerated, my wife called him and she briefly gave him a quick version of what happened.  Mr. Andrew immediately communicated with me and my wife concerning the procedure, as I was never in this kind of situation in my life.  Andrew Gay, Jr. did exactly what he told us from the very being, and proved my innocence.   There are not enough words to say to him but, “THANK YOU! “ is a start.

He gave me back my freedom, but most important, proved I was innocent.  I have my life back.  I appreciate every day I get up, and I owe it to Andrew and God.  I enjoy every day I am able to sleep and get up knowing I have one less thing I have to worry about.  I owe it all to Andrew Gay Jr.  My deepest THANK YOU FROM ME AND MY WIFE.  God Bless You.

– P.R., North Philadelphia