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"A brilliant attorney, very personable and accessible."

Our college-aged daughter was arrested, and charged with under-aged drinking, public drunkenness, and possession of a fake ID, and spent one night in jail.  This was her second arrest for the same thing, and the odds were heavily stacked against her, including the loss of her driver’s license for one year.  Our daughter had just received a wonderful internship opportunity that necessitated travel.  Loss of her driver’s license would have been devastating for her future and her career.  Andy arranged a meeting with us very quickly and took right over.  He is a brilliant attorney, very personable and accessible.  He was exceptionally well-organized, provided pertinent updates, and exhausted all available options for defense.  The personal attention we received made us feel important.  Because he worked closely with the police department prior to her court date, he was able to negotiate for a reduced sentence.  Andy was relentless and did the impossible.  Our daughter only received a fine and was able to keep her license!  Most importantly, though, our daughter received another chance in life.  This internship has actually led to a job offer following graduation, and our daughter is back on track to a bright future, all thanks to Andy Gay, Jr.!

– Dee, Eastern Pennsylvania