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Our police officers have a tough job on the streets of Philadelphia. Their responsibility not only involves protecting Philadelphia citizens from violence, but violence directed against the police officers themselves. At times, the police are justified in using reasonable force to accomplish the goals of keeping our streets safe.

However, if the police use force against you that goes far beyond what is necessary to control a situation, you become the victim, and may very likely have criminal charges filed against you. Often times, a citizen is charged with Aggravated Assault on an officer in an effort to justify the injuries inflicted by the police. At that moment, you may be helpless to defend yourself, and may come out of the situation with serious injuries that will have long-lasting consequences.

Many cases are won with the testimony of witnesses who have no relationship to the parties of the litigation. Our investigators will locate the witnesses to the abuse you received from the police. Andrew G. Gay, Jr. will personally interview all witnesses to evaluate how they may help your case.

For help with your claim of excessive force, contact the Law Office of Andrew G. Gay, Jr. We will help you obtain compensation for your injuries, including reimbursement of your medical expenses and pain and suffering for permanent injuries you may have sustained at the hands of a police officer.

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