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Sexual Offense Charges in Pennsylvania

Convictions for sexual offenses not only involve the potential of going to jail, but also trigger registration requirements under Pennsylvania's Megan's Law. These reporting requirements can affect where you are permitted to live and maintain employment.

Convictions for certain crimes can mandate lifetime registration and reporting requirements in Pennsylvania. Additionally, recent changes in the sentencing laws impose mandatory jail sentences for individuals who fail to comply with reporting requirements following a conviction for a sexual offense.

Due in part to advancements in technology available to law enforcement, arrests for possession of illegal pornographic material obtained from the Internet is on the rise. With such serious consequences on the line, you need an attorney who is familiar with every aspect of the offenses to properly handle your case to a successful conclusion.

Andrew G. Gay, Jr. will make certain you are fully informed about the potential consequences of a conviction for a sexual offense, as well as diligently prepare your case for trial to improve the probability of avoiding a conviction and becoming subject to Megan's Law requirements.

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